Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Another promising PTC site is biting the dust.  I had heard a few rumblings about OnBux but I had just gotten a payment, so I waited to see if it was just disgruntled cheaters who got caught or if things were really tanking.  Things apparently were really tanking. 

OnBux appears to be one of those PickNChoose who they're gonna pay type sites.  Pay a few big payments to upgraded members so it looks good in the forum but only pay standard members tiny cashouts here and there...for the same reason.  But you won't see much in the forum about all the ones they AREN'T paying, unless someone can get a friend who's a member and NOT waiting on a cashout to make a post on their behalf.  There are a few of those....and the people they're writing for have been waiting a very long time....multiple months, in fact.  So much for the *review* process.

So now you're probably wondering why people don't complain in the forum that they're not being paid.  The answer to that is an ingenious ploy on the part of OnBux.  Once you request a payment, you are then automatically BANNED from making posts in the forum.  When you try, you get a big screen that simply says:  *Your account is under review.*  BUT they DO have an utterly useless bot chatbox where you can ask a legitimate question and get a completely irrelevant answer.  Yay.  And how do you get to this BotBox?  By clicking the *Live Support* button.  Now, I'm not one of those people who's super picky about semantics, but doesn't the word *Live* indicate there is an actual PERSON on the other side?  And doesn't the word *Support* indicate that you will, in fact, receive some assistance when you access this tool?  And tool is the right word here.....whoever designed this piece of crap was definitely a TOOL.  You won't find any help from this BotBox and you won't find any help in the forum.

What you WILL find in the forum are a lot of posts about how well everything is going in the development of OnBux.  You'll find old payment proofs....looks like nothing has been paid since May 6.  You'll find the usual number of brown noses cheering everything admin does even when that includes putting a knife in their backs.  You'll find a carefully constructed facade masking the dying site behind it.

I don't expect to ever get paid by OnBux.  If you haven't joined, seriously, don't waste your time.  Word.

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