Monday, January 2, 2012

Not Making Any Money At WealthEngineX? Don't Feel Like The Lone Ranger!

Now that I've had some time to cool off, I thought it was time to write a review of the WealthEngineX program, the owner and his ptc sites.  His name is Charles Scoville, he owns the InfinityBux group of sites and ULaunchFormula.  I signed up under him in UCashBox, where I lost everything I invested.  I wrote to him about that and he more or less told me it was my fault for not doing what those who made top money did....which was pour money into massive advertising campaigns.  I DID advertise that program, but not in the expensive ways he said was necessary.  If you never heard of UCashBox, it's too late because that program is dead and gone.  Which is not surprising, since it was one of those schemes where only the people at the top make any real money....usually ptc and traffic exchange owners.  It was also a program, like WealthEngineX, that promised you would make money EVEN WITH NO REFERRALS.  Yeah.  NOT.  For the money you spent there, it offered a huge catalog of software (every piece of which I tried to use had been disabled in some way) and supposedly awesome targeted advertising, from which I got one inactive referral to one program I advertised.  I made ZERO money with the program itself.  The promised earnings never materialized and the so-called benefits were just  That entire experience was duplicated with WealthEngineX, with the exception of the bogus software.  The dubious *catalog* of software and ebooks wasn't offered, the sole benefit was the *targeted advertising* to around 2300 members at the time I enrolled.  Not exactly an earth shattering audience.

So here is my experience with WealthEngineX, specifically.  I redirected all the advertising at my disposal to it and worked my ass off to get more, since I have no money to spend on it.  I wrote to the 4 referrals I got from that advertising to encourage them to verify email and upgrade.  I did everything you're supposed to do, except hemorrhage money into advertising and I just didn't have that option.  But I DID advertise as much as I possibly could.  I did NOT receive any referrals from the program.  None of  my own referrals upgraded and I lost those.  The whole deal about your sponsor cycling under you and everyone who signs up after you being under you NEVER materialized.  I repeatedly tried to write to my sponsor and the mail never showed up in my sent box and I never got any answers.  But the mail system worked just fine when I wrote to Charles Scoville.  So I have a feeling that my sponsor dropped out and that put me dead in the water with the whole thing.  I don't KNOW this, but its an educated guess.  I think its the hole in the system that was never mentioned.  Again, just my guess.  When I wrote to Charles Scoville, he wrote back and referred me to the how it works page and BS like that....he never actually answered any of my questions, he hid behind the hype. 
When I didn't make any money in the first two weeks, I started looking around for anyone else stating they weren't making any money with it.  Just doing searches didn't render a thing, so I thought maybe it was just my bad luck.  UNTIL I happened on some forum posts about WealthEngineX where people were saying they didn't make any money or didn't make enough to cash out.  And then I realized that this was just a UCashBox clone and the promises were just hype and I was probably screwed.  And so I was.

When I lost everything I put into UCashBox, and then realized he had blamed me for my failure to make any money which was in direct opposition to the program's promises, I got pissed.  So I joined every one of his ptc sites and decided I would click there until I reached the first cashout on each one, which would have recouped my money and made some extra to cover my time.  That was humming along nicely until the AlertPay issues began.  PayPal already shot him out of the water, so that wasn't an option anymore.  Rather than opening up any other payment options, he declared EVERYTHING ELSE to be *too small to take seriously*, or something to that effect, and the now essentially non-functional AlertPay remained the only option.  (EDIT:  I just found out he is now accepting Google Checkout.)  So when I reached the $10 cashout on InfinityBux, I found out I wasn't going to get paid in the foreseeable future.  (EDIT:  Yesterday I checked and he canceled my cashout.)  But keep on clicking, yo!  Uh huh.  He blames everything on AlertPay's inability to accept credit cards or handle bank transfers.  One might fall for that if his sites were the only ones they used, but I have many MANY other sites that are still paying out ON TIME, EVERY TIME, AlertPay issues notwithstanding.  This tells me that Mr. Scoville isn't nearly as business savvy as he would like everyone to believe.  His demeanor is that of someone who is on top of his game but his results and excuses belie that stance.  Meanwhile, the membership numbers on WealthEngineX are plummeting, down in one month from around 2300 members to the current level of around 1550.

He has one other program (that I know of) which is ULaunchFormula.  Here is today's running ticker of payouts:    infinitybux  $364.00 / martinp234  $10.00 / boost23  $24.00 / infinitybux  $101.00 / Probuilder  $10.00 / loxa1010  $16.00 / jcDanieri  $12.00 / infinitybux  $73.00 / beejay  $17.00 / axshnjaxn  $29.00 / axshnjaxn1  $15.00 / infinitybux  $45.00 / kevreb  $11.00 / naturalle  $17.00 / rajtham1979  $9.00 / 
Note that he made $583, while the other 11 people put together made $170.  It puts me in mind of one of his ads for WealthEngineX wherein he states this program has made him *over $4,000...what will it do for you?*

This is my experience with Mr. Charles Scoville.  I've lost a lot of money (for me) and even more time that I could have spent on other things that would actually PAY me.  Will I ever deal with him again or believe one word that comes out of his mouth about anything?  Not a chance.  I wrote this so that when anyone searches for other people's experience with WealthEngineX or Charles Scoville in general, they would actually find something....which is what I was unable to find.  I don't really believe he is a scammer, I just think he is not the  *authority* he would like people to believe he is.  If he were, he would have had a backup plan in place in case something went awry with the ONE and ONLY payment processor he was using.  Having no Plan B, refusing to be accountable for that and rolling up like an armadillo when the soft underbelly of his program was exposed screams a lack of experience.

So there you have it.  Word.

UPDATE:  Since writing this, the membership of WealthEngineX has dropped to 779 at the time of this writing.  He'll do another ad campaign and that will increase, but every time he does that, it never lasts as the people who have figured out that the hype is actually hype and they're not going to make money LEAVE.  In addition, he deleted my account on all 6 of his ptc sites so I could not even use my earnings there for ads.  Apparently, if you're not active for 30 days, you are deleted.  This benefits only him as he recoups all your earnings.  So God forbid that LIFE should interfere with your ability to be online and clicking on ptc sites.  In my case, it was a combination of the site I wanted to advertise was down for upgrades and then I was physically unable to be at the computer for a while.  60 days I can understand, 30, not so much.  Again.....word.