Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two places you want to sign up but just don't know it yet!

First is Swagbucks.  I just can't say enough good things about this program.  With no active referrals, I am able to put $5 into my Amazon account about every 10 days, sometimes sooner.  There are MANY rewards you can earn, this is just the one I chose.  There are myriad ways to earn Swagbucks....playing games, watching videos, doing searches, some ridiculously easy tasks and some not so ridiculously easy but still easy enough, daily polls, surveys, etc.  I hope this site lasts FOREVER!

The second place is Ayuwage.  It's like a ptc site but with some significant differences.  There are three basic ptc type sections.  One you just click the link and view the ad.  That pays $.001 per click.  Another you click the ad and you must click an ad on the page THAT INTERESTS YOU.  If you're squeamish about that, you can skip that section, however, it is the one that pays $.015 per click.  The third section, you must click some content that interests you....not necessarily an ad.  That pays $.005 per click.  There are also some offers and surveys from time to time that pay very well, but I rarely ever do those.  I am earning roughly $20 a month there with  no active referrals.  There is no upgrade there!  It is the highest paying (and they DO PAY!) ptc type site I've ever used.  They don't pay instantly but they do pay quickly.  One word of advice for this very close attention to what you're doing because their system does check to make sure you're doing things correctly.  If  you're not, you will get a warning on your account.  Three simultaneous warnings and your account is suspended.  BUT!  One warning falls off every 24-48 hours, so even with the occasional slip up, you should be fine.  You're also afforded the opportunity to go back to the last ad you did and redo it if you think you made a mistake.  This site rocks, don't miss it!

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