Monday, April 25, 2011

Updates From The Front

I've had this post rolling around in my head for a few days now, so I guess it's time to commit it to writing. I've had a few adventures in Internet Moneymaking Land lately that are worthy of sharing.

The first one is UCashBox. I was in the *Top* UCashBox team. That and a dollar will get ya a cup of coffee. Won't cover the tip, though. To be short and sweet about it, I lost my ass. I spent $10.35 X 4 weeks there. I advertised it for all I was worth, two different ads on a LOT of sites. I ended up with exactly ZERO signups that upgraded. In 48 hours from signup, they were all deleted. I got some spillover, to be sure.....very little, actually, but there was some. What good is dead spillover? The only upside there is I didn't have to bury any of them. Now, it was pointed out to me that I had access to EXCELLENT targeted advertising. And I DID have access to targeted advertising, but the results were far less than excellent. In fact, I had ZERO signups to the programs I was advertising on UCashBox during the whole time I was a member. I was advertising these programs elsewhere, as well. Since there were NO signups, it wasn't hard to figure out if I was gaining anything by advertising there. There was one other so called benefit, a plethora of *awesome* software and eBooks. I downloaded it all before I left to try to get something back for all the money I spent there. So far, I have tried to use three of the software programs and there has been something wrong with each one. None of them function. I will try them all before officially pronouncing the program a scam, but I'm leaning hard toward it right now. It's hard to argue with know it's a crapshoot. But when a program lures you in with promises of a feature loaded software and eBook package and that package is pure BS, to me, that taints everything else about the program. To ice the cake, the person I signed up under let me know it was basically my fault that I wasn't getting good results because I wasn't doing what the *successful* people were doing....i.e. flooding the internet with advertising my reflink. Never mind the whole thing was being marketed as something EVERYONE could succeed at, EVEN IF you didn't have those kind of resources. So.....bottom line....unless you have your own ptc site or your own traffic exchange or lots of money to advertise your reflink, my advice is stay away from this rather expensive *matrix* type program....the fringe benefits are less than beneficial.

My next stop was GetBuxToday. Where do I start with this piece of work by Brian Rooney? Well, for starters, it's being touted as the best thing since sliced bread because it's sustainable. Well, uhhhh, YEAH, it's sustainable because he rents DOA refs for a buck a piece and if you don't like that dead ref, you can recycle it for another equally DOA ref for $.50. Bit pricey for DOA refs, if you ask me. Next, do not even bother to rent a few to try to make enough to upgrade. If you check the math, you'll see that you will lose money on your rented refs UNLESS you are upgraded. Don't bother with upgrading unless you can go all the way to the top which is a cool 30 bucks a month! Because if you do and you find you're not making money, you'll be tempted to go to the forum to ask about that. When you get there, you will be talked down to and ridiculed for not upgrading high enough. In other words, it will be YOUR FAULT if you don't make money and you will be told that in such a way as to make you feel like a total loser POS. Smartass doesn't even begin to cover that attitude. So you finally get to a payout and when you go to get it, you find it's been chewed all to pieces by some of the highest fees you'll EVER see in ptc. Oh, hell to the YES, it's least until people get sick of being treated with contempt while they're being skewered. I will from here on out avoid like the plague anything touched by the Almighty Brian Rooney. Unless you have the money to upgrade to the top and the resources to quickly assemble at least a couple hundred personal refs, I suggest you do the same. IF, however, you DO have those capabilities, go for it, you'll make money, at least til the little people all get sick of it, leave and it starts to decline.

My last stop in the Dark Forest of Gloom in Internet Land is NeoBux. A word of advice about the forum....if you don't like what's going on there, keep it to yourself. I did not do that when the whole business model changed and my earnings plummeted and now there is no longer a link to the forum on my account and my support requests go unanswered. Now, I wasn't ugly, no name calling, no death threats...haha...but I did express my feelings about what they were doing. I also said I was thinking about leaving but was undecided for the moment. Apparently that's all it takes to get the boot. Ok, so be it...I'm not kissing their south end for 1/10th of a cent clicks. They actually can just kiss mine. I'm almost halfway to a payout. When I reach it and have it, I'll point to the spot they can kiss. I mighta stayed on after that but when they kicked me out of the forum for stating my opinion, that was the ball game.

On a happier note, there's the *New* improved ClixSense. Rarely does a site redo it's entire design and business model that I don't just run screaming. This is that rare occasion. The whole site design is fresh and new and really nice. The business model, unlike NeoBux, has changed for the better. There's now a forum, PayPal, survey invites, more ads in all price ranges, it's just better, better, better. I am sincerely impressed and since I've never really been all that impressed with ClixSense, that's really saying something. Kudos to them! If you're interested, you can click the banner in the section below that is headed *Every one of these pays....* It's the 7th banner down.

There are two places I'm working with that I have high hopes for. The first is admittedly a little iffy but every time I mentally change camps and run over to the *IT'S A SCAM!!!* camp, they come out with a blog update that rings true and I scurry back to the *Ok, this looks legit* camp. That would be VirtaPay, formerly known as Before you start groaning and rolling your eyes, hear me out. I've pro'd and con'd this back and forth to death. Most of the reasons people have given (I mean good ones, not just *Well, I think it's a scam* ones) for it to be a scam have been resolved by now....except the transparency about ownership. I admit developing a stutter about that one. But if you think the rest of it through, there's every reason to believe this has at least a 50/50 chance of being legit. Think about how much money goes through a payment processor, even a crappy one. Now think about how much goes through PayPal. Now think about the fees on that money. It's a mind boggling amount. If you have the seed money to start a payment processor, you stand to make a fortune. These people have made a set of rules up for *Early Bird* users. If you get bored and wander away, you're gonna stop accruing earnings and if you abandon your account for over a month, you lose everything in it. I would imagine a lot of people have done that. So that's all money they're NOT paying out. What is left they would be paying out over (an admittedly short) time as people use their account. While they're paying out, they're by then also collecting. Whatever they payout is very likely a tax write off in their country. They're paying in US dollars, one of the weakest currencies going these days. If their working capital is in Euros, for instance, that's like paying $.50 on the dollar. Add to that the likelihood they will pay some amount of cents on the dollar and the outlay goes down even more. As I've watched the development reports, I've swayed back and forth from scam to legit, but at this point, I think it's worth hanging around for. I have a tidy sum in my account and it's not eating anything....I have no reason to leave, give up or call it a scam. If, by next year this time, it's still dragging on or is gone, well then, there you'll have it. But for now, I'm gonna cling to my hope I'll see at least enough to get my teeth fixed & a FAR infrared sauna to detox my disability level toxic body before I end up with cancer or ALS and to kill some of the pain I live in every day. Who knows, maybe there'll even be enough to buy a real house sized refrigerator! Woohoo! If you're interested, you can sign up here:

The other one is This is a no cost multi level marketing system that is launching July 4. That's Independence Day in the US, so it's no accident that's the launch date. This could be YOUR Independence Day, as well. You are given 5 websites that you will choose the names of and are hosted and advertised for you. You need a good healthy downline to make a good income, so you'll not want to sit on your laurels and rely soley on what's done for you. You'll want to be active and proactive. Sign up and advertise your reflink now, every way you can. It's free, but it's not effortless....that would just be asking for too much. So if you're willing to put the effort out for something that won't cost you out of pocket, this could be for you! If you're interested, you can click the banner at the top of this page.

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