Wednesday, April 6, 2011 ~ Yay or Nay?

I recently signed up on in the hopes I could drum up some referrals for a few sites...which, no matter how much I advertise, cloak links, advertise more, blah blah blah, I can never seem to get enough to matter.  So I even upgraded there, since it was so cheap.  Now I hope I get enough referrals to make it worth that move.  Because here's my experience.....

First of all, BEFORE you sign up under anyone on the high paying signups you see on your dashboard page, MAKE SURE to check their previous treatment of their referrals.  I signed up under a person by the name of asmondena on that site...their name on the site I signed up on was kata9pult.  They are from Turkey.  Only a few days into the *contract*, they declined my signup.  Then I found the ratings section and found out that out of about 500 signups they've gotten off that site, they approved ONLY ONE!!!  A big fat loophole there allows them to do this evil thing which gives the person they screwed over a negative rating and they themselves walk away unscathed, because they paid the minimal upgrade fee.  Premium accounts never get below a 0 promoter rating.  But Premium accounts DO get negative referral ratings.  So they got about 500 free referrals and have a 0 promoter rating and most of the people they screwed got negged.  Soooooo, NEVER EVER sign up under either of those two names unless you're OK with rewarding bad behavior.  And if you do and they find a way to screw you, too, don't cry, because you were forewarned.

The forum there is *temporarily closed due to excessive spamming*  coff coff  Yeah.  Right.  I'm guessing it's more like they have zero support on that site and they don't want to hear about it.  They're just there to collect money and that's IT.  I wrote to support three times about this scammer....get this, they EVEN scammed about 10 times!  And they're still there.  At first, I, how stupid do you have to be to scam the site you're using to scam everybody else?  But then I realized the owners of this site don't care WHAT you do, as long as you pay THEM.  Because they have declined to write back to me or remove my undeserved negative rating.  So if you sign up there, DON'T expect ANY support of ANY kind.

Since I didn't get the credits for the site I signed up on, I don't have enough racked up yet to start a campaign.  But shortly, I will.  I will post back here what happened with each campaign I run.  All I can say is I BETTER get some quality refs from this train wreck of a site, since I paid to upgrade.  It matters not to me if it's a small amount I paid or NOT, I'm super pissed about this whole situation and it alone is enough for me to label this site SCAM.  The only thing that's going to cause me to back off that statement is if I get my money's worth out of it anyway.  Maybe I'll get  tons of refs and it'll be all good, but I'm not holding my breath, lest I turn blue and look like Smurfette.

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  1. robuto is another scammer on downlinerefs. 1 day of being active in both sites i signed up for got declined. and yep- no support at all. and like you said i looked at the treatment of his referrals and about 1000 ppl declined. he is a premium member so unscathed. his name again is robuto. im going to try 2 more program signups for someone else but im not holding my breath either. --dont sign up under robuto-- unless you like getting scammed