Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just Say No To Bidvertiser

Well, here's the first thing I have to tell you I've abandoned completely and that is Bidvertiser ads.  I've removed them from all my pages.  Seems they have a nasty habit of finding reasons to delete your account as you approach a payout status.  I've had so many problems with them on my first blog that I decided to do a little more digging about them and this time I found things that made me run screaming to my blogs to pull their ads.

I'm sure there are people who have been paid, any scamming company that wants to stay in business will pay a few people all of the time so they have staunch supporters to stand up to the crowds of people holding up the scam signs and call them cheaters.  Anybody remember NetWinner? How about CrewBux?  They both did the same thing until their crappy business models sunk their respective ships. Good riddance to both.  Unfortunately, Bidvertiser will probably be around a lot longer than both of them put together.

If you think you can beat them at their own game or perhaps be one of the few who get paid all the time, go for it.  But if you get scammed at the last, don't say I didn't warn you. 


  1. Wow thanks for the warning! Ever since, I had my doubts with bidvertiser. So I just stick with Google. And I actually know people who got paid already. Although if you don't mind me asking, what exactly happened with your account with them and did they terminate it without a warning or so?

  2. Hey Daisy,
    First, thanks for your comment :) What they did was say my blog didn't qualify because they had to keep up a *certain level of quality*. When I disputed the validity of that, they said there wasn't enough content, so add some and resubmit. I did that and support said I could post their ads. I did and 8 hours later the editorial *team* took em back down and disqualified me. We did this dance 4 freakin times. The second or third time they even said it was a glitch or bug or something. Then the last time support got all snippy and said the editorial team rejected me because of the quality of my blog. So I went to see if anyone else was having problems with them and WHOA I ran screaming. *grinz* So I decided then to pull their ads off my other blogs and post a warning. I figured nobody else wanted to go through problems like that and if they DID get those solved, end up not even getting paid anyway. They didn't terminate my account, I think it's still open. I just pulled their ads and the affiliate ads off my blogs and canceled them on my account page with them. It's ok, they can keep my $1.41....haha.

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