Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here's to making a living online!

I started out trying to make money online with ptc sites and am now learning to do other things, as well, such as blogging, creative writing sites, my own domain, selling my jewelry line, affiliate sites and monetizing as many pages as I can do traffic exchanges to advertise.

As I learn more, I will add to this blog and will also tell you where I failed miserably so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Good luck with your money making endeavors and if you find something that is really working well for you that doesn't have a big start up cost or monthly fee, (I really can't afford to risk anything on those just yet), please let me know and I'll give it a go, too.   :)

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  1. Please ensure your site does not contain anything against the Terms of Service.

    WARNING!! If your site has Adsense ads on it, Google may close your Adsense account. Putting pages with Adsense ads in traffic exchanges is against their Program Policies.